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Candy was one of Martin Lomax's victims in The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence). She was the second person in his 10-person centipede, behind Ashlynn Yennie and preceding Karrie. Candy was portrayed by Maddi Black.


Candy was a prostitute who serviced Dr. Sebring in a car at the car park where Martin Lomax worked. To fufill Sebring's lust for Martin, he desired to have anal sex with Candy, who would do so for 50 pounds. Just as Martin shot at Paul, the driver of the car, Candy quickly ran away in fear of her life. Martin fired at her as she ran, wounding her with a bullet. After dispatching Paul and killing Dr. Sebring, Martin went after Candy. Cornered at the stairwell, Candy begged Martin not to hurt her, even offering to service him. Just as Martin started to fold, Candy strayed him with pepper spray and started to call for help.

Despite Candy's efforts, Martin still managed to capture her. He placed her just behind Ashlynn Yennie in the human centipede where she, along with the rest of his victims, was injected with laxatives, plunging each of them into a chain-reaction of forced fecal excretion and consumption. Candy attempted to escape with the other members of the centipede, but Martin began murdering them with his handgun. When he ran out of ammunition, Martin took a knife and slit the remaining victims throats, including Candy's.[1]