THC2 Dick

Dick was one of Martin Lomax's victims in The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)He was the sixth person in his human centipede, proceeding Ian and being followed by Greg, and was played by Lee Nicholas Harris. 


Dick was the aggressive upstairs neighbour of Martin Lomax and his mother, who would bother them by playing loud music. Whenever Martin's mother complained, he would descend down to their flat and physically beat Martin, in addition to verbally harassing the two. When Martin started abducting people to be part of his human centipede, Martin killed his mother when she discovered his obsession with the idea. As he sat down on the kitchen table with her corpse, Dick played his music again. Martin then used this to his advantage. He took the broom his mother used to beat at the ceiling to lure Dick in. Martin then hid behind the doorway before Dick could enter. When he did, Dick was shocked find Mrs. Lomax's severed head before Martin shot him in the leg. As Dick struggled on the ground, Martin knocked him out by beating him with a crowbar.

Dick was then taken to Martin's warehouse and was eventually placed in Martin's human centipede where he was injected with laxetives and forced to eat Ian's feces. When the pregnant Rachel went into labour and ran out the warehouse, attracting Martin's attention, Dick ripped his face off Ian's buttocks, splitting the human centipede into two parts. Dick was then killed when Martin shot him in the head along with most of his other captives.[1]