"Revenge is so sweet. Take it into your sleep."
Bill Boss to Inmate 297[src]

Inmate 297 is an antagonist in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) and an inmate of George H.W. Bush State Prison. Inmate 297 is an enemy of the prison's warden, Bill Boss, and is portrayed by actor Robert Lasardo.


Inmate 297 was a pedophilic inmate incarcerated at George H.W. Bush State Prison. It is unknown the exact criminal acts he was charged with. While in the prison, he began taunting the warden, Bill Boss, with threats of rape and abuse through the bars of his cell and via the phone, in an attempt to intimidate him. This angered Bill Boss, a warden known for torturing inmates that displeased him. While searching for ways to properly discipline the unruly inmates, Boss came up with the idea of mass castration. He tested this idea by selecting Inmate 297 as the first victim. Boss used a torch to heat the blade of his knife and personally castrated Inmate 297 with it, later eating the inmate's cooked testicles for lunch.

Rather than deterring Inmate 297 from continuing to defy Bill Boss, this only provoked Inmate 297 to make further threats. While visiting Inmate 297 in the prison infirmary, Boss strangled Inmate 297 for his insults to the point that the infirmary staff had to resuscitate him (only for Boss to strangle him again).

Boss continued searching for ways to force his prisoners into submission until his accountant, Dwight Butler, suggested that they connect all of the unwilling prisoners into a massive human centipede. Taking credit for Butler's idea, Boss had each of the viable prisoners sewn into the centipede, with Inmate 297 connected to a prisoner with Crohn's disease as an added punishment. Inmate 297 pleads with Bill to not integrate him into the centipede, but Bill gleefully takes this moment to taunt him. [1]