Inmate 346 was a Native American Inmate incarcerated at the George H.W. Bush State Prison.


It is unknown what Inmate 346's history was although it implied that he is from one of the Native American reservation's in the southern U.S. He also stated to dislike "White Men".


Inmate 346 was first scene in the beginning of the movie threatening Bill Boss over the phone for which he was punished with boiling waterboarding. He was seen soon in the prison hospital covered in bandages from the burns cursing at the warden. He is seen later throughout the movie with the other prisoners. Inmate 346 was the inmate that Bill Boss, Dwight Butler, and Tom Six got to see sewn up close. He is last seen convolsing from consuming feces from the inmate in front of him and making the goenor cringe and letting a pitiful moan. He is played by famed Native American blogger Jay Tavare.