Rachel Colour

Rachel was one of Martin Lomax's victims in The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence). She was intended to be a member of his human centipede and was portrayed by Katherine Templar.


Rachel was the pregnant wife of Tim.  She, her husband and her infant son were in the car park where Martin worked and was attacked by him when they were just driving out. Martin shot at Tim, stopping the car. After knocking Tim unconsious, Martin then reached towards Rachel and her baby. He shot her in the leg and played with her child to stop him crying before placing him in the car seat. As Rachel dragged herself away, Martin stopped her by hitting her with a crowbar. 

Rachel was taken to his warehouse along with her husband and several other victims where they were stripped naked and intended to became part of his human centipede. During the 'surgery', Rachel appeared dead. Martin placed her in the corner under a tarp along with the deceased Jake

After Martin assembled the centipede and tortured its inhabitants, Rachel awakened when she went into labour. She ran out of the warehouse, completely naked. She secured herself in Martin's van, safe from him where she started to give birth. As she released the newborn baby, she started the van and accidentally killed her child when she stepped on the accelerator, crushing its skull. Nevertheless, she drove away, the only survivor in Martin's massacre.[1]