Voller stares intensely at Doctor Heiter during an interrogation in First Sequence.

Voller was a German police detective that appeared in The Human Centipede (First Sequence), portrayed by Peter Blankenstein. Voller was the partner of Detective Kranz.


Very little is known about Voller. In Germany, Voller is a police detective, partnered with Kranz. When two tourists were reported missing, Voller and Kranz began investigating. They discovered the discarded car of the tourists, and met with a witness who reported screaming near the residence of Josef Heiter. While questioning Heiter about the disappearance of the tourists, Kranz and Voller became suspicious due to Heiter's questionable behaviour. The two detectives later arrived at Heiter's home with a search warrant. While searching for Heiter in his home, Voller was shot and killed by Heiter, despite Heiter's initial plans to integrate him and Kranz into the human centipede.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

In contrast with Kranz, who did all of the talking during their interrogation with Josef Heiter, Voller did not speak. While Kranz did the interrogating, Voller chose to give Heiter an intense, menacing stare, rarely speaking to the suspect.